Dinner and a Show!

Saturday 8th October

Grab your detective hats, snatch up your spyglass and come solve a murder. The Egerton Players presents... Murder on the Overnight Express.

The 1960s, as great changes were being planned for the British Railway system, the overnight express from Sloth in Scotland to Saint Vitus station in London has come to an emergency stop. The body of a Government Minister has been discovered in his First Class sleeping berth.

Once the railway headquarters and police have been contacted by radio, the train is shunted onto a disused branch line. As there is no connecting door between the First Class carriage and the rest of the train, the Second Class carriages have been allowed to continue on their journey. Detective Inspector Pluckett of the Plodshire Police and his team of officers arrive on a commandeered train to take control of the enquiry. The First Class passengers and crew are ordered off the train and into the old waiting room on Platform One in order to await interrogation by the Inspector.

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